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Piano Moving Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The Most Reliable Piano Moving & Storage Company For Local And Long Distance Moves in Fort Lauderdale

About Our Company

Piano Movers Fort Lauderdale is a professional piano moving company and has been providing local, long distance, and residential services for homeowners in the area.

A piano is a wonderful instrument to have. It not only adds elegance and luxury to any space, but it also produces some of the most beautiful music. A piano can come in many different forms, but the largest is a grand piano, which is the most difficult to move.

You obviously love or need to have a piano in your space, but it can sometimes be quite challenging to bring it with you when you plan to move to a different location. While buying a new one is always an option, it can be quite expensive.

The best thing you can do is bring your piano with you to avoid incurring extra costs and bring good memories with you. However, a DIY piano move is never recommended. Instead, you should consider hiring professional piano movers to help you move your piano.

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Our Services

We are professional piano movers in Fort Lauderdale that offer the following services:

The foremost issue that will likely worry your mind when moving to a new place is how to move your most valuable belongings, especially a piano that requires utmost care to ensure that it isn’t damaged during the move.

Fortunately, we are highly experienced when it comes to moving pianos locally within Fort Lauderdale. If you decide to hire us to move your piano locally, you won’t risk damaging or even destroying your beloved piano because we understand that it’s worth a lot of money and will therefore handle it carefully. 

Moving a piano long-distance requires a significant understanding and knowledge of the instrument as well as elaborate planning. We will first examine your piano to and determine the size of crew and truck needed, depending on the weight and type of the piano.

We will also look at the configurations of your new and current location to determine the specific equipment required to wrap and maneuver the instrument out of the front door and then outline a moving plan to ensure your comfort.

From upright grand piano to studio upright, console, and other piano types, transportation usually involves disassembly of the parts, wrapping, temporary storage, tuning, transportation, and re-installation to the new location.

Office Moving

Moving your Fort Lauderdale office space isn’t an easy job if you have equipment and instruments such as a piano that requires special care. That’s why it’s so important to have an adaptable office relocation company to reduce the need to shut down operations irrespective of the office type.

We are a trusted Fort Lauderdale office moving company and can complete the entire office relocation with minimal damage and disruption. If you trust us to handle your office move, you can focus on other things such as serving your customers, which is at the heart of what your business does.

Residential Moving

A piano is a valuable piece of furniture in any Fort Lauderdale home with one. Whether it is a favorite instrument, a sentimental piece, or attractive décor, if you have a piano in your current residence, you will likely want to relocate it to your new home once you move.

Moving a piano, however, isn’t an easy task. The best way to move your piano is to hire our experienced piano movers. We are highly skilled when it comes to piano moves, whether you are looking to move it locally within Fort Lauderdale or elsewhere in the country and beyond.  

Furniture Moving

If you have concerns when it comes to hiring piano movers or furniture movers, you have a good reason. The reality is, not all movers in Fort Lauderdale are up to the task. Antiques, pianos, and similar furniture should be handled with special care and there’s no margin of error with such pieces.

Moving this type of furniture is remarkably different from the lifting of heavy boxes that’s typical with other moves. If you need antique furniture or piano moving, you need movers with experience moving oddly-shaped and very heavy pieces. Fortunately, our team is more than up to the task.

Looking to store your piano in Fort Lauderdale? Whether your current space is undergoing renovations or have limited space in your new location, we have the perfect solution. We give you access to the best piano storage facilities in the area.

We can pick up your piano and place it into a secure, safe, and clean storage space for as long as you need. Our storage units are climate and humidity-controlled to prevent cracking and warping of the wood. The instrument will be wrapped in padding and plastic to ensure its safety while in storage. 

Why Choose Fort Lauderdale Piano Movers?

Here are some of the most important considerations when choosing piano movers fort lauderdale:

01  Experience

Look for piano moving companies that have a proven track record in handling pianos. Experience indicates reliability and expertise to ensure a successful move.

02 Reputation

Check online testimonials, reviews and recommendations from previous customers. Only work with piano moving companies with mostly positive feedback. 

03 Insurance and Liability Coverage

The piano moving company you hire should have suitable insurance coverage to protect you from any damage or loss during the move.

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Moving is a hassle to begin with, but when a piano is part of the move, it becomes exponentially more challenging. Besides everything else that moving entails from hiring movers, packing boxes, renting a truck, etc., you also need to have special preparations for moving the piano.

As the experts in piano moving in Fort Lauderdale, we are here to make your move simpler by handling the move of your prized piano. Every move is carefully planned by our trained professionals, to ensure that you have peace of mind that your piano is in good hands.

We promise to provide the best service to our customers, from the first phone call or email, to the time your piano is set up at its final destination. We are a professional and reliable company that always puts customer satisfaction first.